I am a fierce fabulous woman even though i was born a man

Transgender and Living in London


Is it hard to be transgender and live in London? We are still coming to terms with that some people are transgender. They may have been born as men but identify more with women. I have some fabulous friends outside of London escorts who are in fact transgender. They are completely adorable and some of the few people that I know who don’t have an issue with me working for London escorts.


In general, I think that most people who are transgender are nicer and more accepting than others. The girls who work for our London escorts agency seem to have more transgender friends than others. I think that it helps that you can actually talk about your work for London escorts at Charlotte Fulham escorts with your transgender friends. They are so much more open-minded and I guess that I really like that about them. Some of them would make great London escorts.


The other night I met up with one of my regular dates at London escorts. He said that he had been out for a night out with some of his friends and met a great looking girl. At the time he had not realised that she was actually a man. When she told him he was really surprised but it did not bother him too much. He still enjoyed her company and they had a nice night out together. As he said to me – he liked to take her out for a drink but for everything else, there are London escorts.


I think that goes to prove that we are slowly becoming more open-minded. When I first got involved with London escorts, I never used to think that we would see as many bisexual London escorts as we see today. However, at the moment, I think that there are more bisexual London escorts than there are straight London escorts. Is it a bad thing? I don’t think so. It is a sign that society is changing and that many of us are beginning to change as well.


Are we more sexually liberated than ever before? I think that we are more liberated than we used to be. These days you can’t switch on the TV without hearing the term LGBT or bisexuality. That is good. Hopefully, all of this will lead to us becoming nicer to each other. I know that it not easy. It is a journey and we all need to do what we can to be nice to each other. In the meantime, I am just going to continue to work for London escorts and hopefully find that my own future is a lot more sexually exciting. I wonder how many other people are beginning to explore their own sexual horizons and if we are going to see other forms of sexuality in the future.

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