I keep dreaming that my boyfriend he’s cheating on me

Who is been one who has been quite spiritual and in tune with my inner being an intuition. My friends laugh at me and say that I am a modern day which because are use things like crystals and crystal ones and candles in my house. I don’t believe in any old pagan ritual or even witches for that matter if I’m hundred percent honest are use the crystals because I like how pretty they are and they make me feel good so therefore I see no harm in it.


However recently over the last couple of months I’ve been having consistent dreams of my boyfriend cheating on me. The girls from London escort say that they’re just stupid dreams and that they mean nothing at the end of the day my boyfriend Johnny loves me to death. The thing is I believe them Johnny and I have been going out for 18 months now and we are totally into each other the sex is absolutely amazing the time we spent together is always so valuable and engaging we haven’t argued and we get on so well. So I really can’t see why he would cheat on me. So I am inclined to believe what the girls from London escort say I just can’t shake that feeling or stop having these dreams.


Monday on my shift at London escort at Ace Sexy Escorts I actually finished work early and decided to come home to my flat then Johnny and I shared. On my way to my flat I would normally call Johnny and let him know that I was coming home however something told me not to that day and I think deep down in my song I knew is because I was going to find out the truth. So I went home put my keys through the door as quietly as a mouse and crept in to the flat. To my surprise Johnny was sitting there having an afternoon nap with the paper spread open across his chest and his arms crossed. I side a sigh of relief and then look to him lovingly. But I still could not shake the feeling that he was if he hadn’t already going to cheat on me.


I told my friends at London escorts what I had done and what I found and they said to me that I’m crazy and then I better be careful before I actually manifest this cheating scandal out of nowhere when it wasn’t even supposed to happen. I took heed to what they were saying the end of the day of the girls in London airports are very wise but something deep down inside of me told me he would cheat eventually and that I’d had to catch him.


For now I’m just going to enjoy my boyfriend at the end of the day we’ve been together 18 months so it’s not like we’ve got kids and are married with a dog.

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