Reasons to Ditch a Guy

I have come to appreciate that long term relationships are really not for me. Sure, I love the company of men, but I am not that sort of girl who likes to date the same guy all of the time. That is why working for the best escorts agency in the city is perfect for me. I get to date different men every night and have fun on my own terms. Like all London escorts I have regular men, but I don’t see them every night. If I had to go out with the same guy every night, or go home to the same guy, I think that I would go nuts.

As soon as meet a guy, I manage to come up with a reason why he is not for me. Mind you, it is not necessarily the guy’s fault. I often blame my work at London escorts. Just like other cheap escorts in London, I have to admit that I work really long hours. It is just one of those things. Does it get in the way of personal relationships? Yes, it does, but I love working for London escorts so much that I am happy to accept that.

Not only that, but when I am not working for London escorts, I really appreciate my own space. I am not that sort of girl to stay at home and read books, but I do like to be home on my own. When you have a man around, he either wants to do his own thing or have sex with you. It is okay, but as I am surrounded by men all of the time when I am on duty with London escorts, I sort of like to take a day off every so often. It is a bit like taking a breather if you know what I mean.

Many men that I have met also want to be looked after. You know what, I feel like I look after men all of the time when I work for London escorts. When I come home, I want to look after myself and that is it. I really don’t get the time to look after someone else when I have finished my shift. It is not only about looking like the perfect glamour puss. You also need to do the laundry and make sure that you are ready for your next London escorts shift. Working for London escorts is not as easy as we make it look.

I am not sure that I will even live together with a guy. In other countries, it is okay to have a partner but you may not necessarily live together. That to me is a much better option. We could get together every so often to have some adult fun, but I would not have to do his laundry or pick up his dirty socks off the floor. Like I often say to the other girls I work with at London escorts, do you really need the hassle of a relationship when you have your independent income and your own home?

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