Have I picked up a stalker?

I was booking this hot girl from a London escorts service and having a great time when I suddenly felt that she was becoming a little bit too close and personal. Some guys are really into dating London escorts on a long term basis, but that is not for me. I just see dating escorts in London as a bit of a stop gap, it is something that suits me for the time being. I am busy with my career at the moment, and I don’t feel that I have time to dedicate to a personal relationship. Anyway, I am not going to mention any names , so let’s call this girl from cheap escorts Miss X.

There is no denying she is a stunning girl, and as I am doing pretty well for myself, I was more than happy to date her as she is an elite London escort. When I first started to date London escorts, I did used to date cheap escorts, but it was not for me. The moment I met Miss X, I knew that she was the perfect girl for me. To cut a long story short, I think I fell in love with this girl. When I was not with her, she kept popping into my mind, and out of all the girls at the agency, she was the one I could not get enough of in my hour of need as I like to call it.

It started innocent enough, but before I knew it, I was buying one of the hottest ladies out there expensive gifts. Do I confess to spoiling her? Yes, I do confess to that and I do wonder if it is all my fault. Did I spoil her a little bit too much? Standing outside a very expensive handbag and accessory shop one day, I realised that I might be going over the top. Sure, she was hot, but she was not the only hot girls who worked for a London escorts service. Perhaps it was time for a bit of a break. I had a date booked with her that evening, and decided to rearrange the date with another escort from the same London escorts agency instead. It only took me minutes and I enjoyed the company of the other girl almost as much. One evening when I was coming out of a restaurant with my new interest from London escorts, I felt like we were being followed.

I stopped for a minute pretending to want to take a look at something in a shop window, and I am pretty sure that I saw my her. Ever since then, I have had the feeling that I am being followed from time to time, and it is a bit like being stalked. Of course, it would be easy for her to do that. She knows all of my favorite places to go, and I guess that she is missing my regular contributions to her handbag and jewelry collection. Should I go to the police? I have the feeling that they would call me my own worst enemy.

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