We at Chingford Escorts talks about relationships and stuff the agency too.

And so in this article we wanted to talk about monogamy and also some alternatives to monogamy.
So, let’s just start with what is monogamy?
Monogamy is being in a relationship with one person. It doesn’t just mean one partner for life cause if that was the case for humans, I’d still be with my boyfriend from when I was 12.
And no-one wants that do they? Monogamy can also mean one partner at a time. Okay, so basically traditional relationships. Yeah, how do you feel about that? Do you think that humans are inherently monogamous creatures asked Chingford Escort from https://charlotteaction.org/chingford-escorts?
I think that we’re most comfortable as monogamous creatures but I think that we tend to divert when we’re not happy or something just doesn’t feel right.
So many people do that. Is monogamy something that’s like biologically wired?
Cause I kind of believe that monogamy is a cultural construct. That’s what I believe. Something that we’re taught as we grow up.
It’s the right thing to do hence why we do it.
I think that, yeah, it must be nature versus nurture a little bit. So now we’re gonna talk about some other options of monogamy.
if it ain’t your thing. So one is open relationships. An open relationship, I think, is when you’re with somebody and you decide together that you are going to see other people as well and that it’s not considered cheating and it’s just part of your current relationship.
So each couple will have their own individual boundaries. Other couples will bring other people into the relationship for threesomes. Wow, wild.
So there are lots of ways that you can still have a committed relationship but it not being monogamous and it not being any less, it not being lesser than that.
I think you need to meet the right person before you can be in an open relationship as well.
Because, you know, that person might not be comfortable with it.
So I think you gotta you’ve gotta make sure that every single person that you’re with is okay with it. I think there’s definitely a lot of cases where one person in the relationship decides to broach the topic of making the relationship open and the other person doesn’t want that at all and isn’t comfortable with it cause that’s just not their style and that’s not how they do relationships.
And that’s obviously fine too but because they are so in love with that person or so deeply committed to them they go along with it just so they can still be with them in some capacity.
You need to be honest to yourself about what you want and what your boundaries are. Another form of not-monogamy is when people just have casual sex, friends with benefits, or sleeping with multiple people, not necessarily at the same time.
And they’re not committed to anybody. Yeah, you’re single. So you’re single and you’re just going around. it’s you do you but this is where communication is just so, so, so important. If you’re going on a date with them and doing things that are kind of like dating and getting into a relationship and then you’re not telling them clearly that you’re not interested in commitment that can make it quite difficult for the other person and can make it really awkward too.

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