My Man in the City

Are you a London escort and do you have a favorite date? I met lots of gents at Barnes Cray escorts, but I never thought that I would find a favorite date. Most of the girls that I work with at the agency say that they have a favorite date and some of them even say that they are in love with some of their dates. When I first heard it, I could not see how it could happened, but now when it has happened to me, I know that it can. Yes, my Man in the City has become my favorite date.

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We don’t always refer to our dates by name here at Barnes Cray escorts by their names, so my man has become my Man in the City. He is a lot older than I am but during our time dating, I have learned that we have a lot in common. For instance we both like to sing and we have even sung on stage together. As an ex public school boy who used to sing in his school choir, he is a much better singer that I am, but it still worked out. I did not tell any of the other girls at the agency, but I did get a kick out of it.

I also spend a lot of time in my Man in the City houses. He has a lovely home here in London and recently it has started to feel like it is mine. It has the most amazing orchid room and there is normally where you can find me. It is a world away from Barnes Cray escorts but I love it there. If you like, it is the perfect tranquil place to chill out and get away from London. My Man in the City says that it makes him feel good that he knows that I am in the house with him. We often have a laugh and we always have Sunday lunch together.

Sunday lunch is one of these odd things that we started. He was recovering from a bad cold when he sent me a text one Sunday. I am not sure what clicked in my brain, but I offered to come around to cook him Sunday lunch. I had finished the night shift really later at Barnes Cray escorts and was really hungry. On my way to his house, I picked up chicken, potatoes and vegetables. We sat in his orchid room with the most expensive bottle of wine that I had ever drunk, and ate roast chicken. Ever since that day, we have Sunday lunch together.

It feels like my Man in the City and I have become a bit of an odd couple. He is in his mid 50’s and I am in my mid 20’s. We are spending more and more time together and most of the time I see him outside of Barnes Cray escorts. If you like, Barnes Cray escort dating for us has become a bit of charade for our own personal relationship. When I sit next to him in his sports car, I feel that I am happy. His home really feels like my own and I have my own space. I am not really sure what is going on here, but I honestly feel that I am in love with this guy.

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