Bethnal Green Escorts – Should I Dump My Partner



I have met this really sexy girl at Bethnal Green escorts from bethnal green escorts, and I have fallen in love with her. She turns me on like mad, much more than my partner, and I am thinking about dumping my partner. My partner is great in many ways, but our libidos are a total mismatch. But, that is not the only thing. On top of that she is not a very fun living person and that is what I need in my laugh. I find that I am always trying to make her laugh, but she does not really respond to me.


Also, I have been thinking that my partner is not as adventurous as I like her to be. Most of the women that I have dated at Bethnal Green escorts have been more adventurous and we have really enjoyed our time together. My partner is not willing to experiment at all, and when we are together, I just feel that our life together has become stale and boring. Is it for me? No, it isn’t really for me, and I think that I would like to get something more out of life. If I don’t dump my partner, I will end up doing the same thing all of the time.


This girl at Bethnal Green escorts and I have so much in common. We laugh at the same things, and we enjoy sharing our time together. It is very seldom you meet somebody in your life that you feel that you want to spend time with doing EVERYTHING, but that is how I feel about this hot girl from the escort’s agency in Bethnal Green. She make me feel like I want to pull out all of the stops just to be with here, and that is an amazing feeling.


My mates honestly think that I have gone a bit nuts, but I don’t think so. The way I am feeling about my stunning blonde friend my Bethnal Green escorts is so unusual for me, and I honestly believe that I have met the love of my lie. But then again, I could be misreading all of her signs, and she could just be trying to please me. After all, at the moment I am paying her for her professional companionship, but with a bit of luck, that will change one day. I would love to call her my girlfriend.


Life is not easy at all, and I am not sure how to handle the situation. If I dumped my partner, I would be forced to sell the apartment that we bought together. That is all very well but I am not sure that I could afford to buy anything on my own. Property prices here in London are sky high, and I am not sure how much my friend at Bethnal Green escorts earns per month. It could be that she does not even declare all of her income, and that would mean that I would end up in real trouble without having a nice play to live. Do I want that? I am not so sure.


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