Escorts Addicted To Lingerie

Most people would not spend £20,000 per year on lingerie but I do. I often think to myself that we all have our crosses to bear and I suppose that this is mine. The only problem is that I did not even know that I was spending so much money on lingerie ever year. It was not until one of my sexy girlfriends at escorts in London encouraged me to put together a spread sheet to see where all of my money was going when I found it. I do earn good money at escorts in London, but I would be better of spending my money on something else.

Working for escorts in London is my first full time job. In the past I have done things like stripping and worked in bars. Back then, I did not have enough money to spend on lingerie. All of the money that I am earning at London escorts seem to have gone to my head, and I cannot control my spending. One of the girls that I work with at London escorts says that it happens to a lot girls. In many ways, I think that I am just making up for lost time, but I do really need to bring my spending habit under control.

Looking back, I think that I have been spending £20,000 per year during my time with escorts in London. It is a lot of money, and if I would have saved up for two years, I would have had £40,000 in my savings account by now. I do have some money in there but not as much as I would have liked. The thing is that I find it so easy to get carried away. I want this and that, and before I know I have spent my entire monthly London escorts pay check. It is crazy really.

All of the lingerie has been bought on credit cards. Fortunately I have been sensible enough to pay them off, but I have still wasted that money. Now I have asked my boss here at London escorts to look after my credit card until I get rid of the problem. Looking at my wardrobe, I think that I have enough lingerie to last me my entire London escorts career. There is no way that I am going to buy any more lingerie. Selling it is not really an option, but it would be nice to make the money back somehow.

I know that I am doing well at London escorts, but thinking about how much money I have wasted to horrifies me. Some of my more well off gents have bought me some nice presents. The thing is that many of them don’t come around any more. They have moved abroad or just stopped dating London escorts. I have decided to take their gifts into a pawn broker here in London. It is not that I don’t like their gifts, I love them, but is my way of putting my foot down with myself. On top of that, I will make back some of the money that I have lost over the last couple of years. It would certainly improve my bank balance.

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